Business and Pleasure

The Lonsdale Quay Hotel offers you a unique opportunity to experience Vancouver at it's best. Our hotel services corporate clientele in a professional manner and also serves as a romantic weekend retreat. Those needing access to downtown Vancouver have an alternative that provides superior quality accommodation outside of the hustle and bustle of the city while being only a Sea Bus ride away.

 Be within an exciting and unique adventure

Within a multi-functional complex, the hotel leaves a subtle impression. Our main lobby is on the third floor of a vibrant and exciting market and with our facilities spread out over three floors. Moreover, our hotel rooms are so discrete that they are almost hidden. There is little awareness of visitors being in a hotel. The advantage is the nuance of being within an exciting and unique adventure. From a variety of foods, fresh fruit and vegetable kiosks, dessert bars, coffee shops and boutiques, to a cascade of live entertainment, the Lonsdale Quay stands as a source of pride for the North Shore community. It is within this setting that the hotel provides high class accommodation as well as a variety of restaurants to satisfy the many needs.